SPORT INJURIES SPORT INJURIES 197555583 Pro Football Player with Multiple Knee Injuries Cortisone steroid injections don't easy pain of inflammation and stiffness of joints. One time application with 4 leeches. Great positive results by next day. He reports no more discomfort and pain. Much more flexible joints. Prognoses: need to do preventive sessions ones in six month or till new injury. Way to go! 197202351 197202352 197202353 Succer player with fracture and inflammation After 3rd session reports no swelling of foot and ankles. Pain is almost gone. 5 sessions total to improve blood flow to damaged area. Way to go! 196112447 197202354 197202355 197202356 LEECH vs CORTISONE What your doctor won't tell ..... 197555582 How many medications do you need to take?! Go Leeching! 197555584 197202369 197202370 Dislocated Soulder 197202371 Tennis Elbow 197202372 Chronic Pain 197202373 Post Surgery - Broken Ankle Before: Poor blood circulation. Pins and needles pain. Long time healing. 197862891 198992047