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  Alternative Healing With Medical Leeches

What kind of leech is used?

Medicinalis leeches are used once as a single-use syringe during treatments. They are grown on a farm in sterile conditions.

How long last single treatment?

From 30 to 60 minutes.

How many treatments do I need?

Depend on client's history of illness and condition we will decide how many session and quantity of leeches have to be applied. Some conditions require only one treatment and some up to 3-4 month of intensive treatments with following supportive visits ones a month.

What are some side effects of leech therapy?

Some side effects of leech therapy include feeling extremely energetic, tired, or lethargic. Itching may occur and if any itching persists after treatment, you may use over the counter medications.

Can I take my leech after treatment with me and keep as a pet?

No. We have to be sure that leech will be discharged after one time use. We treat it as a single-use syringe during treatments to prevent any chance of reuse and infection.

Does bite of the leech hurt?

Leech bites are generally not painful. Patients describe the bite of the leech as a light pinch or mosquito bite. It last from few seconds to couple minutes. Leech releases anesthetic as well as an antibacterial enzyme, which destroys the bacteria present, preventing further infection of the site. Leech is gentle parasite.

How should I care for my wounds after treatment?

It is important that after you receive treatments you do not touch the wound or remove the bandaging for 8-12 hours. You also cannot shower or bathe for 24 hours.

Can my pet receive leech treatment?

Yes, our friends can benefit from hirudotherapy as well. Arthritis, post surgery treatments, swollenness, infections, pain release and more.