Panacea Holistic Center

Panacea Holistic Center

  Alternative Healing With Medical Leeches

Leech Treatments

Our treatments with leech are 100% natural, efficient in many cases and a great alternative to treat and prevent various diseases without the use of chemical medicines and expensive medical procedures.Compare to standard medicine leech treatments in 98% cases don't have any side effects.

We using disease free and sterilized leeches only raised on a farm in sterile condition. Leeches are used once as a single -use syringe during treatments to prevent any chance of reuse and infection. It will be discharged after one treatment.

Here is list of some but not limited conditions leeches used for:

Cardiovascular system                     

Skin diseases                                     Musculoskeletal system                                                 
Gynecolog                                          Ophthalmology

Pulmonary diseases                           Gastroenterology

Central nervous system disorders


sinusitis, ear infectionts, hematoma, plastic surgeries, microsurgeries, postsurgeries

We use 4 to 12 leeches per session. Amount of sessions can be recommended based on severity of the condition. Leech can be attached between 30 min to an hour until it is fully gorged and will detached itself.After the leeches are removed, there is some residual seepage, which is considered an important cleansing part of the procedure. At the very end the wound is properly dressed and the patient is provided with any additional information she or he may request.

Types of Applications

Local Application 

For specific problem areas, such as: localized pain in joints, swellings , sport injuries, infections , cysts, high blood pressure, arthritis, eye problems, hearing problems, migraine, hemorrhoids, spider veins, varicose veins, prostate problems, spine problems, sciatic nerve problems, infertility, diabetes, sinuses, asthma, liver problems, kidneys problems, heart problems, joint problems, intestinal problems, bladder problems, PMS, blood clots and thrombosis, skin problems, and many more.

Bio-Active Points Applications

A more specific, higher level of treatment involves placement of leeches at designated bio active trigger points, which are based on hirudotherapy body maps. These applications have been created by leech researchers and scientists over the last hundred years of scientific testing. When stimulated by leeches, the trigger points can produce healing effects and positive changes in different organs and biological systems . Most of the trigger points are nerve, lymph, and cardiovascular system stimulus points. 

            Leeches not recommended to apply in several cases:

With bleeding disorders - hemophilia

With not enough red blood cells in the blood- hemolytic anemia

Low level of hemoglobin

With caution - low blood pressure

During pregnancy


Allergic reaction to the leech