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  Alternative Healing With Medical Leeches

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Customer Testimonials

"I had osteoarthritis on both knees for few years. I used pain killers almost every day and had to wear knee braces. I've heard about medical leech therapy from my friend. I decided to try since nothing else is helping me with this type of inflammation.Tamara was great! She explained me what makes this therapy different from anything else, history of leeching, what to expect after session. I had repulsive feelings in the beginning and little scared. Bite of leech didn't hurt much. It reminded me mosquito bite that went away after couple minutes. Leeches produces analgesics and the rest of session I didn't feel anything. For my first session I had four leeches on my right knee. All my skepticism about leeches was gone by the next morning. My pain almost gone! Tamara told me that it will take couple days for enzymes to be absorbed by my body. I had second appointment for my left knee. Pain and stiffness in my right knee was completely gone by the time of my next appointment. At this time I was exited to get leeches on my left knee. I am not longer wear braces and stopped taking Advil and no more arthritis ointments. Leeches' inflammatory enzymes will keep my arthritis away for 6-12 month. I am not afraid to come back and would definitely refer anyone who might benefit from this therapy. " 

- Linda Reyes


" I straggle for many years with knee pain on and off due to various knee injuries in wrestling. History of MCL injuries, Bursitis. Almost all joints of my body had damaged at some point of my wrestling career. Years passed but pain is still there. I regret doing Cortisone shots in my knees.

I know about leech therapy from my friends who were in similar situation and got better from this alternative therapy. It is easy to get this treatment back in my country but not in the states. I was lucky to find out that Tamara is offering this method. I was happy to schedule my first appointment and face my fear. I've learn from Tamara  that leeches producing blood thinner, anti-inflammatory peptides as well as pain killing substances. Leeches look like simple warms but have very complicated biological mechanism. I had 5 sessions of leech therapy in 2013.

 I am free of old pain, inflammation and even my general condition has improved. Forget about your fears of this creature. It is harmless vampire that drinks only tea spoonful of  blood but gives huge benefits. I have lots of respect now and thanks God for his creation. Thank you Tamara. You are the best! I'll be back ones a year just for preventive measures.

- Aslan Koraev, Trucking Company, Chicago

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" I came to Panacea Holistic Center with chronic pain in upper back, shoulders, numbness in my hands and fingers. After endless massages my doctor said that I have poor blood circulation and it is part of aging that I have to embrace and just support symptoms. 

I work on contraction all my life and I am the only provider for my family. I refuse to "embrace" doctor's verdict  and looked for alternative way to deal with my problem. My back pain is gone after one session of leech therapy. After week or so I have normal sensation in my fingers. I continued with more sessions of leech therapy because of similar problem with my legs and feet. Tamara is using special type of leeches. She discarded them in rubbing alcohol right in the front of me. I feel safe knowing that she is not using leeches from someone else. I'm very happy to find Tamara and her way to help people."

-Mario Mendoza, Construction